Best Hotels To Stay In Cappadocia 2019/2020

Cappadocia Best Hotels List

Hotels in Cappadocia are as interesting as the touristic spots themselves. As most of the hotels are situated in the caves, you will certainly love the atmosphere such hotels promise. However, some other boutique hotels that look like mansions are also valuable options for the guests. Here are some of the best hotels to stay in Cappadocia.

Best Hotels To Stay In Cappadocia 2019

Here is our list of best hotels. I hope it makes it easier for you to decide where to stay in Cappadocia. Enjoy your stay!

  • Sacred House Hotel – Urgup

Sacred House Hotel offers a unique atmosphere. The hotel looks like a stone house from outside. However, the interior of the hotel creates an impression of a medieval castle. The hotel also includes architectural elements from neo-classical and baroque style. Moreover, the customers can definitely feel the art in ancient ages. In short, Sacred House Hotel will turn your head around while you time travel in the history of art.

When we first started our article, we described Cappadocia as a wonderland. If you want to have this wonderland experience at your hotel too, you should definitely consider booking a room at Sacred House Hotel.

Best Hotels To Stay In Cappadocia
Sacred House Hotel
  • Museum Hotel – Uchisar

Museum Hotel is by far the most well-known and popular hotel in Cappadocia. The hotel won “The Best Boutique Hotel” award in 2015 and it fully deserves the credit. Moreover, its central location makes it a great choice for travelers.

You will make yourself feel special in one of its 30 rooms and we can easily claim that Museum Hotel is one of the most luxury hotels in Cappadocia. This hotel is especially suitable for honeymoons, but you are advised to reserve your room in advance, as this hotel is hugely in demand among tourists.

Best Hotels To Stay In Uchisar Cappadocia

Museum Hotel
  • Hotel Yunak Evleri – Urgup

Hotel Yunak Evleri is a part of Cappadocia’s natural beauty. The hotel is located on the skirt of a hill and its rooms are scattered on this hill. Therefore, the rooms at Hotel Yunak Evleri are literally in nature and they offer a spectacular view for its guests. The hotel has also a spacious hall and common areas to spend time.

  • Kapadokya Hill – Nevsehir

Another hotel that you can choose for your stay in Cappadocia is Kapadokya Hill Hotel. The hotel offers attic rooms as well as cave and stone suite rooms. Moreover, the hotel is close to the underground cities. That’s what also makes this hotel a popular choice.

We should not forget to mention that you will feel privileged with its spa center. Kapadokya Hill has been awarded numerous times and no wonder you will feel special during your stay at Kapadokya Hill.

Kapadokya Hill
  • Magic Cave House – Urgup

Located in Urgup area, Magic Cave House is a cozy hotel with an elegant atmosphere. The hotel building had originally been a private house of Sefarim Rizos.

Hotel offers a variety of accommodation types with many different types of large rooms. Most of them are “suites”. Therefore they offer a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Magic Cave House has very good feedbacks on TripAdvisor. Recommended by many visitors of Cappadocia region in Turkey.

Best Hotels To Stay In Urgup Cappadocia

Best Hotels To Stay In Goreme Cappadocia
Magic Cave House
  • Uchisar Kaya Hotel – Uchisar

This hotel is proud of being the “First Rock Hotel” in the World. They promote their hotel as a handmade Rock Hotel that was carved from Cappadocia volcanic rocks. The hotel construction took place in 1960s, so we can say that it’s a very well-founded and experienced hotel in its field.

The hotel is located near Uchisar Castle, which is considered as one of the top things to do in Cappadocia. There is a panoramic view of Cappadocia lands from hotel’s roof. You may enjoy your breakfast or meal with the Cappadocia view.

Best Hotels To Stay In Cappadocia 2019/2020

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